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Recolim Emirates Facility Management offers a range of services

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Recolim is a company that was founded in Spain in 1978.

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Recolim Facilities Management specializes in providing property
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Recolim Emirates Facility Management offers a range of services from consulting to Facility Management operations and project management. It currently has offices in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Valencia (Spain).

The company has pioneered the use of Service Level Agreements and technology-based system solutions in the region, which allow our FM practitioners to work more efficiently with clients by specifying exact service requirements whilst measuring and calibrating their performance.

Our Regional contracts include operational facility management and maintenance services for over 9,110,253 square feet.

Also, Recolim Facility Management provides integrated facilities management solutions to both private and public sectors in Abu Dhabi and the UAE and its footprint can be seen throughout the GCC region.

The company provides a full spectrum of non-core services including Technical Services, Business Support Services and Soft Services.