ecolim Emirates

Hospitality Services

Recolim‘s Hospitality Services consists of providing “First Class” Office and Beverage Staff for VIP offices, commercial workplaces, manufacturing plants, warehouses, government buildings, libraries, theatres and executive suits to name a few.


Our services include, but are not limited to, the provision of all beverages hot and cold from freshly squeezed juices to iced water founded on our in-house training programmes which have been generated by our expert Management Team, who have experience in “5 Star” hotel hospitality and whom hold a HACCP certification of audit.


Our office services cover all elements of office support which include the collection of trash/waste separation within an office environment, logging and shredding of monitored documents, inventory tracking, recommendations for purchases on the data collected, presentation and the set-up of meeting rooms.


All our hospitality staff are certified to the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and carry the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. In addition, the staff are regularly trained in protocol, etiquette and presentation skills. Team Leaders are also trained in basic HACCP certification, to ensure that our Clients continue to receive the “5 Star” promise in our service delivery for which we have become renowned for.