ecolim Emirates


Our business philosophy rests on five pillars:

  1. An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction
  2. The use of green technologies
  3. Recognition of an individual
  4. A commitment to quality
  5. Integrity and openness in everything we do.

We have a solid relationship with our customers derived from our integrity and openness. We exist to serve our customers. So for us, customer satisfaction means identifying what our customers really want and how we can help to make a positive difference in their businesses. As a result, our client retention ratio is very high and this long term relationship with our customers have enabled us to introduce new cost saving processes and technologies for our clients.

Recognition of the individual means we encourage our people to develop their skills and take responsibility for their actions, thus enabling leadership skills. For our customers this translates into an assurance that their expectations will not only be met, but fulfilled whenever possible.

Our commitment to quality means we strive to do things right first time and take pride in our work using only the best, most appropriate materials and techniques. For our customers this means peace of mind, saving them the hassle of time and thus saving money.

Successful long-term relationships are built on trust. Our integrity and openness is evident in all our business dealings and the behaviour of our staff. Our customers realize our approach to business and never feel misinformed or stressed.